Masakatsu Sashie was born in and currently resides in Kanazawa, Japan a city well known for rich traditional arts and crafts and a nique culture due to the city's difficult geo raphical accessibility. Sashie received his MFA from the Kanazaw College of Art in 2000. Sashie has exhibited throughout Asia and the United States and his wor is included i private and corporate collection internationally.

Sashie's home, Kanazaw is a miniature condensed version of the larger mor populou cities in Japan. With a lifelong interest in model making and having grown up in a virtual diorama Sashie's intricately detailed oil paintings depict a world where the common objects of moern industrialization take on often oppressive forms. These haunting vistas are often dominated by an orb, a substantial figure, made of an amalgam of the remnants of human existence. The contrast etween the detail and complexity of the orb and the urrounding environmen impresses upon the viewer the co-existence of small microcosms within the larger outer world. Withot showng preference to either world, Masakatsu Sashie paints two opposite worlds as equals with th intent of drawing the viewer into the space and having them relect on societ and its values.